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Oxford is a central English City, located in the centre of Oxfordshire, where it the county town and where it also forms its own district. While having a rich and varied history, right up to the modern day, Oxford is perhaps most famous for Oxford University; undeniably one of the world's most prestigious universities, having been voted the number one university in the UK and the 4th best university in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It has a £3.3 billion dollar asset endowment, as is home to over 21,000 students. And not unlike this prestigious university, the rest of the city of Oxford has so much to offer - whether you're after an interesting day out at a museum or historical attraction, an entertaining day shopping or watching movies, a wild night out at some local bars or night clubs, or simply just relaxing is some beautiful parks and gardens, then Oxford has everything you could possibly one. Similarly, our Oxford limo hire services have everything you could possibly want out of a luxury stretched limousine to make these events even more prestigious and memorable!

Oxford has a very diverse economy including publishing, science and IT based business and (most famously) motor manufacturing. Every since Morris Motors set up business in Oxford in the early 20th century, Oxford has been a major UK centre for car production, and is now home to the production of Mini vehicles (now owned by BMW). While Mini do arguably make some truly outstanding cars, they simply cannot compare to our range of prestige limousines and luxury cars that are available for you to hire in Oxford. We have everything you could want; from the illustrious Rolls Royce Phantom hire car, to the world-famous Lincoln limousine and the more modern Chrysler limousines. We even have a stunning array of Bentleys, from the vintage Bentleys all the way up to the modern lavishness of the Chrysler 300 C hire car. All of these stunning vehicles are available to you are some truly fantastic cheap limo hire in Oxford prices, meaning that you won't have to be a multi-millionaire to ride in one of these luxury cars or stretched limos, unlike owners of these cars!

One of the major attractions in the city of Oxford is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PW . Originally built in 1816, this stunning example of neo-gothic architecture boasts exhibitions and features on the history of many different animals and species, including a popular dinosaur exhibit. The museum itself is steeped in history, and was the stage for the infamous 1860 Oxford evolution debate - commonly known as the Huxley–Wilberforce debate or the Wilberforce–Huxley debate (after the two main speakers; Thomas Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce). While widely panned on a religious basis at the time, the theory evolution is much more accepted in modern society and, as such, the University Museum of Natural History is still home to the iconic evolution exhibition. The museum itself is divided into four different sections; geology, mineralology, zoology and entomology. What's more, entry into the museum is completely free making it an absolutely perfect attraction for a family day out. It is insightful, fun, educational and easy on the wallet; what more could you want?

Well, how about making the family day out even more special with our cheap limo hire service? With the entry to the museum free, you can spend your typical entry fee on getting a simply stunning luxury limousine to take you and your family in comfort and style to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, to make this memorable day out even more so! We have a great range of eight-seater stretched limousines which are perfect for family luxury limo hire in Oxford. Like things classic? Then check out the iconic Lincoln limousine hire car. This stretched limo is the staple of the limousine world, being the limousine of choice for many celebrities and Hollywood actors for red carpet event, and with many other limos modelling themselves on its classic design. If modern design is more up your street, then the Chrysler limousine is definitely for you and your family. Maintaining that classically iconic stretched limo look, but with a much more lavish and elegantly modern twist, the Chrysler limo is perhaps the most stylish looking stretched limo in our entire Oxford limo hire fleet. Your personal limo hire chauffeur will take you from your home or hotel (depending on if you're a native or a visitor!) promptly for your day out, and take you in the utmost professionalism, comfort and luxury to the University Natural History Museum. Once your day out is done, your chauffeur will gladly pick you up again from the museum, and either chauffeur you home or on to another destination of your chosing (such as a restaurant) if you don't want things to end! The possibilities are endless and it really is all up to you, with our amazing Oxford limo hire services!